Monday, March 18, 2024

12:30 PM
- 1:30 PM
Location: Gallery

Register, connect, and grab a bite with fellow peers. 

1:30 PM
- 1:40 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Join our conference chair for an inspiring welcome, as we kick off two days of innovation and collaboration.

1:40 PM
- 2:00 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Join us as we explore what lies ahead in customer experience, where innovation is poised to shatter boundaries and redefine success. The future promises extraordinary developments, from cutting-edge technologies to pioneering applications that will shape the customer journey like never before. In this session, we take a bird's eye view to uncover how businesses are using AI, AR, VR, and other next-gen tools to enhance customer interactions, build loyalty, and drive transformative results. We set your course for the future and ensure your organization is prepared to meet the evolving expectations of customers. The customer experience of tomorrow starts here.

2:05 PM
- 2:25 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where consumer behaviors and preferences are constantly shifting, businesses are at a pivotal crossroads. The era of reactive responses to customer interactions is waning, giving way to a new paradigm of proactive engagement and personalized experiences. This transformation is made possible through the strategic integration of omnichannel analytics. The following session will delve into the profound benefits of transitioning from reactive to proactive customer engagement and explore how omnichannel analytics stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. We cover how the omnichannel approach enables businesses to gain a better understanding of their customers across various touchpoints, ultimately allowing them to predict needs, identify opportunities, and tailor experiences like never before. Empower your business to not only exceed expectations but pioneer the future of CX.

2:25 PM
- 2:45 PM
Location: Gallery

Stretch your legs, mingle and grab a refreshment on ISG!

2:45 PM
- 3:00 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

AI isn't just a buzzword but a transformative force, poised to touch every industry and redefine business as we know it. It's a seismic shift emerging as the key orchestrator, shattering traditional silos and propelling organizations toward customer-centric structures. The following session delves deep into the core of AI's transformative power and its far-reaching impact. We explore how big data and predictive analytics, AI-powered chatbots, AR/VR, deep learning, and neural networks join forces to empower businesses to anticipate customer needs and deliver truly exceptional services. But the AI-driven transformation isn't a promise for tomorrow; it's today's reality. The question is not whether you can afford to embrace this change but whether you can afford not to. Together, we’ll harness the full potential of AI to reshape the future of your business. 

3:05 PM
- 3:40 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

“In the age of AI, customers don't want to convert on your website; they want to converse with you." AI has brought transformative capabilities, but it often falls short in one critical aspect – the human touch. When cold responses and impersonal interactions threaten to hinder rather than help, it's time to emphasize human empathy in the design of AI applications. In this session, we dive into the critical need to bridge the AI gap, recognizing that empathy is the missing link in delivering truly transformative experiences. We guide you on a journey to create more empathetic and impactful customer interactions, achieved through the responsible human-driven AI. The result? Elevated trust and engagement, charting a course towards a brighter, more connected future.

3:45 PM
- 4:15 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Voice of the Customer is your compass for operational excellence, providing deep insights into customer preferences and feedback to drive business improvements. To soar beyond your competition, you must unshackle the raw potential of GenAI and automation. In the following session, we unravel the three pillars of VoC supremacy: 

  • Uncovering priceless customer insights through GenAI  
  • Orchestrating precise and timely responses through automation
  • Mastering ethical data collection while nurturing the human connection

We equip you with the tools and wisdom to achieve operational excellence and turbocharge your VoC strategy in today's customer-centric world.

4:20 PM
- 5:00 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Visionary entrepreneurs will take the stage to showcase their innovative solutions, delivering pitches on why their technology is best and how it will add the most value to businesses today. Following some tough questions from our judges, the audience will have their chance to vote on which technology they are more likely to implement within their own organizations. Who will emerge victorious in this startup challenge?

5:00 PM
- 5:10 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Conclude the day with the chairman's recap and closing remarks, setting the stage for an exciting day two!

5:10 PM
- 6:15 PM
Location: Gallery

 Unwind with light fare and drinks as we conclude the day's sessions.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

8:00 AM
- 9:00 AM
Location: Gallery

Start your day off right with a tasty breakfast to fuel both your body and your mind!

9:00 AM
- 9:10 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Welcome to Day 2 as our chairman sets the tone for another day of insights, collaboration, and inspiration.

9:10 AM
- 9:40 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

A forward-thinking customer experience strategy is the key to success – and it needs to be more than just adaptable; it must be future-proofed. To ensure your business thrives, not merely survives, we provide you with the blueprint for navigating the unprecedented CX terrain. We’ll explore the latest technologies and connectivity innovations that are reshaping how consumers interact with their favorite brands. Align your strategy with the future of consumerism and ensure your business is staying ahead of the curve.

9:45 AM
- 10:05 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Navigating customer needs demands finesse and precision. Without the guidance of a CX playbook, staying afloat amidst these changes can be challenging. However, with strategic direction, you're not just keeping pace – you're positioned to thrive. In the following session, Dennis Wakabayashi, known as The Global Voice of CX, unveils his 2024 CX Playbook, offering straightforward frameworks for understanding and applying both inside-out and outside-in CX perspectives. Learn to navigate internal team dynamics and harness customer feedback to drive your initiatives forward. Whether you're shaping CX strategy or enhancing customer engagement, this session equips you with the essential tools for success in the evolving landscape of customer experience.

10:10 AM
- 10:30 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

When we are transforming the customer journey to optimize their experience, we’re asking customers and employees to change. External and internal change management is an often-forgotten ingredient to achieving the full value of a CX initiative. In the following session, we'll discuss the benefits of infusing change management principles to the customer experiences you are driving and the impact that it will have on delivering on the full value of your initiative to your employees and customers.

10:35 AM
- 11:00 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Stretch your legs, mingle and grab a refreshment on ISG!

11:00 AM
- 11:15 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

The future is now, and its reshaping today's customer journey. As businesses race to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, tomorrow's technology is the catalyst for transformation. We'll dive into the futuristic technologies that are elevating today's customer experience. Discover how AI, augmented reality, blockchain, and other innovations are driving a new customer-centric normal. We explore what's on the horizon and learn how to harness these advancements for a transformative customer journey in the present. Don't just keep pace — lead the way into the future of CX.

11:20 AM
- 11:50 AM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

"Hi [First_Name]" just doesn't feel authentic anymore. However, one strategy that is not just gaining traction, but fundamentally redefining customer-business dynamics is hyperpersonalization. No longer are we in the era of one-size-fits-all; contemporary consumers demand experiences carefully tailored to their unique needs and preferences. In the following session, we highlight the importance of hyperpersonalization and why it should occupy the core of your CX strategy in 2024. Discover the core significance of personalizing interactions, the transformative role of AI, and its tangible benefits in terms of fostering next level experiences and brand loyalty. We equip you with the strategies and technologies needed to thrive in this data-driven, hyperpersonalized era, outperform competitors, and create lasting connections with customers.

11:55 AM
- 12:10 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Change is inevitable, especially in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation. Whether your organization is diving into AI, AR, VR, SaaS, or developing its own tech solutions, one thing remains constant, Change. But here's the catch: while many organizations focus on investing in technology, it's equally crucial to invest in your people. Research shows that over 70% of transformations fail, highlighting the importance of nurturing your team alongside implementing new technologies. In this session, you'll discover how to seamlessly integrate all key components of a transformation. By pulling together people, processes, and technology, you'll be equipped to navigate and deliver a successful transformation. Join us to unlock the strategies for achieving transformative success. 

12:10 PM
- 1:15 PM
Location: Gallery

Take the opportunity to join a roundtable discussion and delve into a deeper discussion around selected topics with fellow attendees.

1:20 PM
- 1:35 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Today, consumers demand nothing less than a consistent and seamless experience across all touchpoints. Spanning the realms of online, in-person, social media, and brand applications, they seek the fluidity to transition effortlessly from one channel to another, increasingly mixing media within a single transaction. Surprisingly, almost 75 percent of consumers express their desire for a fusion of physical and digital channels, reflecting a significant shift in customer expectations. Are you meeting their needs? From reshaping the very essence of customer interaction to creating a holistic customer experience that fulfills their multifaceted needs, this session paves the way to thriving in the complex world of modern consumerism.

1:40 PM
- 2:20 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

It’s no secret technology is the driving force behind transforming customer convenience and engagement. From the intricacies of personalized marketing strategies to the seamless integration of online and offline channels, companies must harness the prowess of SaaS, AI and other technologies to usher in a new era of customer experience. This following session explores the exciting ways businesses are leveraging technology to provide unparalleled convenience and engagement - and how these innovations are positioning companies at the forefront of the digital era. We unravel the possibilities, sharing strategies and insights to empower your organization in this tech-fueled future.

2:25 PM
- 2:55 PM

For over 32 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been a cornerstone of ensuring accessibility. In recent years, the importance of digital accessibility has surged, becoming integral to Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) and Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. While the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines set global standards, implementing accessibility best practices across the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) landscape of a global pharma company can be daunting. In this session, we delve into the essential elements of a digital accessibility program, covering:

•    Where digital accessibility sits within a large global company
•    Steps to creating a digital accessibility policy and governance
•    Workstreams in a digital accessibility program
•    Accessibility by design.

3:00 PM
- 3:15 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Fostering employee empowerment is not just a choice; it's a strategic business imperative. There is profound link between employee-friendly environments, innovative collaboration tools, and elevated customer experiences. In the following session, we explore how organizations embracing a location-flexible, digitally elastic operating model empower their employees to achieve higher productivity while nurturing work-life balance. This transformative journey showcases how employee well-being, data-driven insights, and flexibility converge to address customer demands, enhancing your brand's Net Promoter Score, boosting innovation, and redefining the future of customer excellence. 

3:20 PM
- 3:50 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

In a world where transformational technology, evolving labor dynamics, and heightened consumer expectations reign supreme, the symbiotic relationship between employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) has never been more crucial. In the following session, we explore the transformative power of aligning the two, where EX becomes the driving force behind exceptional CX. With today's workforce challenges in mind, such as skill shortages and high turnover rates, leaders are presented with a unique opportunity. We show you how progressive organizations are bridging the EX-CX gap.

3:55 PM
- 4:25 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Unlocking the potential of a customer-centric culture is no fleeting trend; it's a survival strategy. If your organization is plagued by high turnover rates, mounting recruitment costs, and customers yearning for genuine connections, you are not alone. The solution, however, is simple yet transformative – a culture that thrives on prioritizing employee and customer needs. In the following session, we will chart the course towards establishing a culture that places employee well-being and development at the forefront, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, the delivery of exceptional experiences. Are you ready to set your organization apart from the competition and propel it towards extraordinary growth? 

4:30 PM
- 4:45 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

After a day of great content, what do you do with it? ISG will provide guidance on what your next steps should be for your CX transformation!

4:45 PM
- 5:45 PM
Location: Enterprise Ballroom

Celebrate the conclusion of an amazing conference with us!