The Post-Pandemic Consumer

Change is the only constant that we've known over the past two years. Everything, from how we meet, consume information, interact with brands, and our expectations for those interactions has changed. Zero fuss, zero hassle, immediate results, and the peace-of-mind that we're investing our money in well-valued brands are the cornerstones of our expectations as consumers. 

Today, consumers are:


Your consumers want to see that the companies they buy from care for the environment and demonstrate social responsibility - that you align with their values. They want transparency


Savvy with e-commerce technologies, workplace collaboration tools, and digital customer service experiences, your consumers know what a good experience looks like - and don't tolerate anything less. 


There's nothing worse than a disjointed experience. Your front, middle and back office must be connected so that your customers' buyer journey is continuous, smooth and efficient

One Day. Three Themes.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

You've had to quickly implement emerging technologies while balancing employee engagement, creating personalized experience and, ultimately, deliver strong brand loyalty at scale. In this theme, we will outline key driving factors that are shaping consumers' expectations.  

ESG - Technology & Sustainability

It’s estimated that almost two thirds of global greenhouse emissions come from food production, with clothing production the next largest contributor. Regenerative business promises the biggest positive impact on sustainability. In this theme, we’ll explore technologies being used to improve, measure and track sustainability progress, and why it matters to your consumers.

De-Risking the Supply Chain

Supply chain risk has emerged as one of the biggest challenges of the pandemic.  In this theme, we will examine the innovations that manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers are turning to for supply chain resilience.

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