March 18 & 19, 2024

New York City, NY

Total Experience: Reimagined 

The only thing moving faster than technology is technology consumers. And keeping up can make or break your business. 

But adapting to customer needs is a moving target. How do you create memorable moments that nurture lasting relationships when customers needs are constantly changing? Providing exceptional end-to-end experiences is no longer an option - it's imperative. 
Join us on March 18 - 19, 2024, in New York City to explore the latest CX and EX trends and take home an action plan to turn your organization into a customer-first enterprise. 


What You'll Discover:

The Leading Edge: AI-enabled CX

AI-driven transformation isn't a promise for tomorrow, it's today's reality. Organizations are using AI to improve experiences, increase efficiency in operations that can be easily scaled and enhance personalization. But applying AI in real life comes with some challenges. 

We'll explore how to build empathy into your AI strategy and identify and prepare for the pain points you need to consider before implementing AI at scale. 

Take Flight: Technology that Transforms

It's no secret that technology is the driving force behind transforming customer convenience and engagement. Selecting the right tools will help you secure and retain your customer base, adapt to fluctuating demand and scale your operations.

We'll show you how to select the right technologies for your customer experience strategy and how to efficiently integrate them into your existing tech stack to create a secure, intelligent and connected experience for your customers. 

Seamless Synergy: Hybrid CX & Omnichannel Strategies

Three quarters of consumers expect a fusion of physical and digital channels. This requires data-driven, hyper-personalized experiences that are tailored to an individual's preferences and predicts their next move. 

We'll show you what it takes to execute a hybrid CX strategy across every touchpoint. 

Employee Experience: The Catalyst for CX Excellence

Employee experience and customer experience are symbiotic. Fostering employee experience is now a strategic business imperative. 

We'll show you how to enable a company culture that empowers your employees, ignite loyalty and empower genuine customer connections. 

Agenda At-a-Glance


1:00 PM

Registration & A Light Lunch

3:10 PM

How Human Can AI Really Make Our Digital Experiences?

1:40 PM

The Future of Customer Experience

3:45 PM

Leveraging GenAI and Automation for Enhanced VoC

2:05 PM

From Reactive to Proactive - Harnessing the Power of Omnichannel Analytics

4:20 PM

ISG Startup Challenge

2:35 PM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

5:00 PM

Chairman's Close - Day One

2:55 PM

AI's Quantum Leap - CX Reimagined

5:10 PM

Welcome Reception


9:00 AM

Chairman's Welcome Day 2

1:30 PM

Navigating the Hybrid CX Frontier

9:10 AM

Future-Proofing Your CX Strategy


1:50 PM

Unleashing the Power of Hyperpersonalization for Seamless Customer Experience

9:35 AM

Leveraging Digital Connectivity for Enhanced Customer Experiences

2:25 PM

Virtual Worlds, Real Experiences: CX in the Metaverse

10:10 AM

Banking on Tomorrow: A Glimpse into Future-Ready CX Technology

3:00 PM

Nurturing Customer Excellence from Within and Why Employee Experience Matters

10:40 AM

Networking Break & Innovation Labs

3:20 PM

Harmonizing Engagement: Bridging the EX-CX Gap

11:00 AM

Tomorrow's Tech for Today's Customer Experience Transformation

3:55 PM

Building a CX-Centric Culture

11:20 AM

A Tech-Fueled Future: Ensuring Customer Convenience & Engagement

4:30 PM

Turning Notes Into Action

11:55 AM

Achieving True Interoperability for Customer Autonomy and Trust

4:45 PM

Design Thinking Workshop

12:25 PM

Lunch with Table Topic Discussions

5:30 PM

Closing Reception

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